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Part of the Neighborhood Watch

I’m Part of the Neighborhood Watch and I take my job seriously!

PrivateTraining with Dogs or Puppy Classes

Both have their perks.

Puppy Classes allow you and your little one (if little applies) to meet and greet with other puppies in a controlled environment.  Hopefully the “trainers” know what they are doing and can make sure all interactions between the dogs are appropriate.  Socialization is important and if you follow-up at home with what the classes tell you to do, more often then not your puppy will grow up to be most of what you want.

But in puppy classes, you are one amongst many and if you need particular help, it’s a good chance you won’t get all of what you need.  It’s great for starters but not all dogs nor owners.

Private lessons can be much more informal and give you the chance to work your dog with the proper fine tuning to ensure success.  Although they can become pricy, a few private lessons with a professional can provide more important information and progress than 6 weeks of puppy classes.  The information can help exponentially with your day to day issues.

The major problem with privates is socialization.  If there aren’t other dogs around, how will yours learn to “play well with others”.  If the trainer is good, maybe take a lesson at a park and start that way but other dogs are a variable that can not be taken lightly.  Maybe the trainer has dogs to help or a facility to aid in the socialization process.

Both methods can be great but like most things, each have their drawbacks.  Which ever you would prefer is up to you but most importantly YOU need to make sure that the trainer(s) are professionals who have done more than just take a course at a pet store or online.  You want someone with years of experience training dogs, not just walking them or boarding them.  There is a major difference that even they may not realize.

They love each other so much, they are trying to form a heart shape together.

They love each other so much, they are trying to form a heart shape together.


Socializing your Dog

Socialization is very important for dogs just as much as for kids.  When we were young, we received report cards that stated “works well and plays well with others”, well it’s best if our dogs obtain the same.

Dog Parks,  Class Training,  Walks,  Play Dates, Day Care

They are all very useful and important in a dog and your lives. But each one has their positive and negative attributes that can make or break everyones future.

For instance- Dog parks are great to allow free play but how do you know what is good or bad play? How do you know which dogs can be trusted and which can’t?  There are some basic clues and safe tests that can help you keep an eye out for possible problems.

Only thing is… It is entirely too much information for one blog, so ask questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Dear Dog

Entertaining as it is, the best part is that this is probably more effective then the typical “Leash your dog” signs. Agreed?


Even if the dog is helping the kids with the homework, if “Fido” keeps going to the bathroom in the house, it gets old quick.  Here are a few quick tips to help you out.

1) Make sure you clean up the mistakes properly and with an odor neutralizer. (Natures Miracle, Petastic, etc.)  Do not use anything with ammonia in it.

2) Feed your dog on the spot(s) where they have done their business at least once a day for a few weeks. (after mistakes have been cleaned)

3) Depending upon the situation, you may want to block your dog from getting to the “usual spots” except to eat there.

What you are doing is reinforcing the dogs den instincts and the dog will incorporate the old “usual spots” as eating areas rather then bathroom areas.

Please comment what you think and ask questions.  I’ll be happy to help.