Getting your dog to listen to you at the Park

How do we get our K-9 companion to come when called in a dog park?  Don’t expect your dog to start working for you in a dog park or outside for that matter, right away.  They are living, breathing creators with minds of their own and in the first year, they need some time to mature.  What we need to do is slowly build success on success with little to no margin of error. There is also a lot of stimulation out there and many things that they wish to explore and learn.

1)  Start by working the come command in the house where the puppy can’t just ignore you and there is little to capture their attention away from you.

2) Slowly increase the outside variables that could distract the little one, but do so in ways that you can ensure success.

3)  Use treats to your advantage to make this more of a game and not work(you can get more done with honey than vinegar). Use your own body language and energy to motivate your puppy as well.

4)  As he/she responds more and more, you will take it outside in a controlled environment like your backyard.  Keep them on leash so they can’t run away or ignore you.

5) Slowly increase the distance when you call them over and reward well when they come to you.  Make it fun so it’s a happy choice by them, so they will want to make that same choice all of the time.

The more you practice and make this a constant routine, the more smoothly things will work.

It will not happen overnight and this can be difficult for some dogs but if you must always get them to listen and over time they will do it in dog parks and just about anywhere because they want too and know they have too.

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