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10 Possible Signs of Canine Cancer

1)  Abnormal swelling that persist or continue to grow

2) Sores that don’t heal

3) Weight loss

4) Loss of appetite

5) Bleeding or discharge from any body opening

6) Offensive odor

7) Difficulty eating or swallowing

8) Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina

9) Persistent lameness or stiffness

10) Difficulty breathing, urinating, or defecating


 The Worlds Most Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs




Jake’s Canine Remedy is good to use on rashes and irritations.



Jakes Canine Remedy


 “Sounds” About Right

Some compelations of soothing songs that help calm dogs.

-Helps with Separation Anxiety, loneliness and high energy and more.

Music to Play while you are away

Here is a list of music and their designers that helps calm dogs whether you are home or away.